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2.6 percent of dietitians are Black in the U.S, and it's no different in Canada

Welcome to That Black RD, a distinctive blog designed for exploration. That Black RD has significantly enriched my life, offering me the chance to share my passions and insights with my dedicated readers. Over the years, I've recognized and experienced the lack of representation of Black individuals in the realm of food and nutrition. Let's delve into and celebrate this culture together. Thank you for being a cherished part of my journey!

God Bless America AND MEXICO VACATION IS ALMOST HERE pareja caliente.png
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Feeling the need to unwind? Take a trip down memory lane and revisit your childhood. Grab some coloring materials and enjoy these Nutrition Month coloring sheets. Designed by a Registered Dietitian for fellow RDs.

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Fibroids and your uterus

Happy New Year everyone, and Happy Cervical Cancer Awareness Month! Today I wanted to talk about uterine fibroids and nutrition, so go on...

Get a MOVE on!!!

I’ve been recovering from a shoulder injury for a while now and with the gyms currently closed my fitness level has reached an all-time...

Under the Sea - Sea Moss

Sea Moss. The new superfood that everyone is putting in their smoothies but is it really new? Sea Moss or Irish sea moss is a type of...

Fake Food or News?

When a person cannot eat enough or any food at all because of an illness, decreased appetite, swallowing issues, or they had a surgery...

Resume Racism

As a new RD graduate, I fixed up my resume, re-wrote up my cover letter and the job search began. May the odds be ever in your favour....

"Don't Touch My Hair"

“WOW your hair grew so long, how did they do that, can I touch it, so like your natural hair is braided in this hair, do they just stick it

Taro Fries [VIDEO]

Happy Sunday everyone! You thought I was just going to share a recipe, and not give you a video😱 That’s LUDICROUS! I present to you Taro...

Your Weight and You

You pulled up to thanksgiving dinner, and oh gosh Aunty Comfort is coming by. The last time you saw her, she told you how fat you were

ImPASTA Syndrome

There is something in us as black individuals where we already are so loud in the room (visually) we have to make ourselves smaller to not a

Da BBL in Black Culture

Let’s talk about BBL’s. Cosmetic surgery is nothing new, we see the celebrities online and she had a lip filler or he got a nose job....

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This information is not meant to replace advice from your medical doctor or individual counseling with a registered dietitian. It is intended for educational and informational purposes only.

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