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I ate too much at Christmas dinner; I need to do a juice cleanse detox!!!

What is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a DIET where you are trying to lose weight or detoxify the body by drinking only the juice from vegetables and fruits.

Typically, they last 3-14 days and act as a meal replacement. Restricting your calories and eating from other food groups.

Juicing is not blending!


Let's debunk the claims

1. "You lose weight"

There was a study where people who went on a juice cleanse had lost weight. This wasn’t

because of the juice cleanse itself, but because they were restricting calories

2. "You have more energy"

Sugar is sugar, is sugar, and your body does not care where it comes from. When juicing,

you are dealing with more concentrated sugar, which may raise your energy levels, initially, but then you crash after

3. "Less fiber means you're absorbing more of the nutrients and you can give your digestive system a break."

Fiber is amazing, and your digestive system does not need rest. Fiber helps with regular bowel movements, keeps you full for longer, and may also help reduce the risk of heart disease (soluble fiber specifically)

You do not need to juice cleanse after happy holiday eats

This sounds like a "juicing" bash session!!!

Treat it as a supplement

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