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Lactose Intolerance - Dairy Battle

I went shopping with my nephew and niece one day, and I grabbed some lactose-free coffee cream. I then handed it off to my 10-year-old nephew because why else would I bring them to the grocery store 🤣. My nephew then asked me what does "lac-toes-free" mean Aunty?

AMAZING I get to break down some confusing science to my nephew, I love it. My niece was picking out new shoes for back to school so she couldn't care less about my short breakdown.

So I’m going to break it down!

  • Milk and milk product have this sugar called lactose in them and it sometimes added into processed food. In the human body we are born with this enzyme called lactase, which helps us break down the lactose in milk.

  • As you get older you may not have enough lactase

  • It is not an allergy to milk

  • Signs and symptoms depend on the amount of lactose you eat at once or the amount of lactase enzyme you have in your body.

  • What you can do?

It may be difficult to get some nutrients in your body, a Registered Dietitian can help with planning out your meals

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