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Tiger Nuts

You mean to tell me these are NOT nuts and they have nothing to do with tigers??????


What are Tiger Nuts?

Cyperus esculentus (also known as atadwe, chufa, earth almond, tiger nut, and yellow nutsedge) is a hedge which produces small tubers. They are not actually nuts!

These small tubers can be consumed whole as a snack, or used in plant-based beverage called horchata de chufa.

Tiger nuts are mainly grown in Hispanic regions and many African countries. In other countries they consider it be a weed and is quite invasive in crop fields.

What's so good about these nuts?

There also has been some research in terms of Tiger Nuts being a good option for those with diabetes, as it is high in fibre and has a lower glycemic index.


We can also make Tiger Nuts into a drink, yes you lose out all the fibre by doing this. BUT you can also use the leftover fibre to make cookies, use them as a pie crust, or throw them into smoothies.

Here is the video demo!



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