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Weight Stigma - Queer, Black, and Indigenous Peoples

Weight Stigma is not equivalent to Weight Bias

Weight bias is negative attitudes, beliefs, assumptions and judgements towards individuals based on their weight, shape, appearance, or Body Mass Index (BMI).

Weight stigma is more institutionalized and systemic; those of higher weights and larger body's face weight stigma more frequently.

In simpler terms, those who are thin can experience weight bias but usually NOT weight stigma. Look at weight stigma as "Fat" stigma.

What does weight stigma look like?

What's the deal about queer and black women facing more weight stigma?

So Queer and Black women face weight stigma, does anybody else?

Indigenous People have higher weights than non-Indigenous people. Transition from transitional food and typical activity patterns has highly affected their sense of food security.

Colonization of Indigenous Peoples and inter-generational trauma is a key social determinant that has led to the decline in health of Indigenous Peoples. This has increased the gap in social equity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples.

Rather than stigmatizing this group as similarly done to Queer and Black women, it becomes overtly important to not dismiss the trauma linked to colonialism by blaming the individual and labelling it as their responsibility.


Weight stigma does not stop at size

It is influenced by sexism, racism, colonialism, and homophobia


Can't we all just be nice to one another, why does weight stigma even exist?

There are several factors which contribute towards weight stigma, and these are just a few:


People who face weight stigma also may have to deal with...

Calling all Registered Dietitians!!

Registered Dietitians need to work collaboratively with other health professionals to address weight stigma. Instead of weight loss, let's shift the focus to improved overall health.



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