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Flavoured Sparkling Waters Are Trending—But Are They Actually Good for You?

More Canadians than ever are opting for cans of carbonated water with zero calories and zero sugar. But are these bubbly beverages good for you?

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Soaring food prices have changed the way we buy groceries. But at what cost?

People are altering their eating habits, scouring discount bins or turning to food banks to cope. See how prices have changed in the past year using our interactive grocery inflation tool.

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The Buzz: Where Owl Kids Have Their Say

Check me out in the OwlKids latest issue, where kids share their advice and get advice from an expert. Get yourself a copy at your local bookstore or subscribe below

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Could your pantry affect your health? Are you cleaning your kitchen right? Here are science-backed ways to be smarter in the kitchen, plus a few products that'll make your cooking duties easier.

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How Canadians are stretching their grocery dollars while trying to stay healthy.

Tracey Frimpong, a registered dietitian in Toronto, says there are ways to make nutritious choices while trying to make ends meet. The important thing, she told CBC News, is to make decisions "that work for you and that you enjoy as well."

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How Long Magnesium Supplements Stay In The Body + When To Take Different Forms

Here, dietitians and nutrition experts share the basics of magnesium absorption and explain how long the supplement typically stays in the body—and what that means about when to take it.

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Toronto Sun

Nutrition Month is all about getting Canadians back on track say the Dietitians of Canada

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Nutrition Month 2022

Unlock the Potential of Food | Ingredients for a Healthier Tomorrow

Food sovereignty is important to me because I believe that on this big globe, food systems differ amongst regions, and it is key that people are able to access food which is not only healthy and planet-friendly, but also food which is culturally appropriate to them. My parents and siblings immigrated from Ghana, West Africa, making me the only Canadian-born in my family. Growing up it was key that my mother provided us with food which was culturally sound to us, and thankfully with importation we were still able to acquire key ingredients that come from the motherland. However, what my family lost was growing their own food, harvesting it, and the sacredness of all food. All I had ever known was the supermarket, but food sovereignty is not just about the food system – it’s about the consumers and producers as well.

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If the nutritional benefits of walnuts don't convince you to eat more of the food, their versatility will surely do the trick. - Kirsten Nunez

"Walnut Benefits That Will Make You Finally Learn to Like This Nut"

Shape Magazine

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Magnesium Nutrition Summary for Dietitians

Dietitian Success Center

This article will summarize all of the must-know information about magnesium nutrition for registered dietitians.

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Iron Nutrition Summary for Dietitians

Dietitian Success Center

This article will summarize all of the must-know information about iron nutrition for registered dietitians.

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