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What’s popping everyone, my name is Tracey Frimpong and I go by That Black RD. I am a proud black woman who supports the culture and enjoys dabbling in food of other cultures. This blog is significant to me as in Toronto, and even worse in Canada, Black Dietitians continue to be under-represented. In the United States there was a study that concluded that 2.6% of Dietitians were from the black race. Racism is quite exposed and prevalent in the United States, we see it every morning when we wake up and scroll through our electronic devices. In Canada too, we have more of a hidden institutionalized racism. In the Canadian Healthcare system, Black Dietitians are under-represented. Periodt. This page is for you and anyone else who wants to learn a thing or two about cultural sensitivity, wellness, and food and nutrition! Heads up, some of these thoughts are my own and serve, excuse my sense of humour.

I currently work as a Dietitian in a clinical nutrition role, where I focus on providing medical nutrition therapy on a daily basis. My responsibilities involve assessing patients' nutritional needs and developing personalized dietary plans to address their medical conditions and improve their overall health outcomes. It's a rewarding profession that allows me to make a direct impact on patients' lives through the power of nutrition.

Subscribe if you wanna ride this wave with me as I provide evidence-based breakdowns, motivational pieces, and overall, just a lot of health and nutrition fun! Welcome to That Black RD.

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