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Year 2 - Look at you T

I haven't written a think piece in a while, and as ThatBlackRD comes to year two of being created (October 27, 2020) I thought hey why not? This little piece may contact grammatical errors and is, in NO way, a formal piece. I am literally typing what comes to mind-I find it's more authentic that way.

I remember when I first completed my dietetic program feeling super unaccomplished and not ready. I was only in my internship program for 5 months until that treacherous March of 2020. Am I really a dietitian? Am I really A-DIME? I mean able to Assess, Diagnose, Implement, Monitor and Evaluate on my Own????

Nonetheless, I started applying to jobs following the path my family always encouraged me to do. Focus on your school, get a job, then get married and have kids. I may have strayed away for the last two points, but school was my jam. I was meant to be an RD, 5 years of undergrad and a practicum. No matter how in shambles I was, I needed to hype myself up and get out there.

Application after application, job interview after interview, networking like no tomorrow. I doubted myself... Does this field even want me? So ThatBlackRD became my safe space, my space to still learn about new things, e-meet new people, and show the world that a Dietitian can be a black woman. And I am quite aware of how privileged I also am to even be in this field.

I was in a Zoom at work for our Diversity in Dietetics group and one of my colleagues had sent this Academic Wheel of Privilege. It is a color wheel made up of many factors. Least privileged factors (homeless, dark-skinned, trans, etc) are on the outside and most privileged (rich, white, hetero, etc) are on the inside. As you can see below, I have some outer circles and some inner circles which show my privileges. Every day when I wake up i take this into account, and every day I realize how important it is to represent my community.

And ThatBlackRD herself has gone through different looks. I wonder what I’ll want to look like next.

Though I do content creation here, I still loved the hospitals. Which is where I ended up, one of the busiest hospitals in my city. BUT, besides landing a sweet gig, I also ended up being surrounded by very supportive, knowledgeable, and culturally competent people. There truly is a time for everything and what is meant for you is meant for you. Hence, why I have Ecclesiastes 3 tattooed on my wrist.

Creating ThatBlackRD was such a blessing in disguise, I am forever grateful to have been a part of many cool projects, whether that was being featured on Dietitians of Canada, CBC News, and even Owl Kids. It’s nothing but joy being in a field you love, because it doesn’t feel like work-just feels like another day.

And yes, I know, 2022 I was slacking on the content creation. 24 hours in a day, eat 3 somewhat balanced meals, exercise, have a social life, work… So let’s see what year 3 brings, let’s see where I’ll be, but thank you all for supporting and walking with me through this journey.

Endless love, blessings, and appreciation everyone!

- T

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