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That Black RD is committed towards increasing diversity and experience amongst students within food and nutrition. A strong mentorship-mentee relationship is vital. Meet our current Student Volunteers.

Image Illustration: Ojima Abalaka

Student Volunteers: About


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Social Media Content Creator

"I have had a deep love of food and its ability to connect people my whole life. After seeking a culinary education, I wanted to expand my knowledge of food and felt I would help others by entering the nutrition space! I hope to become an RD who integrates food justice into my work. Still, there are so many possibilities, and I am still exploring the many spaces within the nutrition world!"

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Social Media Content Creator

"I'm fascinated by how the food that we eat affects our bodies, and how eating certain foods or sticking to specific diets can improve or even cure certain problems, illnesses and conditions! In the future, I hope to become a clinical registered dietitian who can work with many unique and diverse patients."

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Social Media Content Creator

"I love food so I decided to study it XD. I have a keen interest towards health and nutrition, especially when it comes to weight loss and how food affects the body. I hope to one day help people from different ethnic backgrounds eat and be healthy. I also would like to help people in Ghana committed to healthier eating practices."

Student Volunteers: Team Members


Monthly Newsletters from us! Tap in as we uncover some juicy nutrition topics!

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Newsletter Writer

"I have always been mindful of herbs and organic ingredients for different uses around the body. During my degree in nutrition and health i grew a deeper understanding of the public health around nutrition, and the physiological mechanisms of the body that are run by food groups such as carbohydrates and protein. It was after I had graduated when i became more invested in nutrition and health. The ability to support peoples physical and self-care journeys through nutrition is something I'm excited to become a part of."

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Newsletter Writer

"Hi, I’m Trishtee and I come from Mauritius. Most of you may not know where it’s located, it is in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I am currently going into my last year in BSc Food and Nutrition and specializing in Dietetics at UPEI in Prince Edward Island.

Growing up I’ve always been by the side of my grandparents who were both chefs and I took great interest in knowing more about the relationship of food with health."

Student Volunteers: Team Members
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