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Da BBL in Black Culture

Let’s talk about BBL’s.

Cosmetic surgery is nothing new, we see the celebrities online and she had a lip filler or he got a nose job. However, the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is becoming more common in black culture as more women seek to achieve the "thick curvy black woman aesthetic". You know the fat a$$ with the small tiny waist. That look.

Now can you blame them? I mean come on we have surgeons breaking down procedures on their social platforms. And you want to know what makes it so addicting, it’s that the results can look so natural. Body image being portrayed in the media changes over the years, look back at 2003 “skinny was the thing to be”. Fast forward 10-15 years and now you gotta have curves but in the right places.

A lot of it is what they market us; rapper’s baby moms living lavish lifestyles. It can negatively impact body image in adults and also in our youth. Now I am not anti or pro cosmetic surgery, I can understand to why individuals consider and undergo the BBL. For instance, those who have had a drastic amount of weight loss may require cosmetic surgery to achieve the look they desire.

The issue at hand is that many women are 1) dying under the knife or 2) receiving botched jobs. With everything in life before you consider going under the knife always weigh out the pros and cons. Elective surgeries can be as dangerous in any capacity, so do your research and do it safely.

Here I have listed some pros and cons to the BBL procedure:


  • Complete body transformation (liposuction from the back, love handles, thighs, abdomen & booty)

  • Speedy recovery

  • Less risk of infection in comparison to butt implants (it’s your fat, not a foreign body and therefore you will develop less of a chance to reacting to it)

  • Minimal scars


  • You don’t know how much fat is going to survive (~50-80% of fat transferred survives)

  • May require additional procedures

  • There is always a risk involved

  • Costly!

All in all! Don’t let others influence your decision to get a BBL or any other cosmetic procedure for that matter. Do it for you, and only you. Do your research!


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